Water Well Drilling

Dillan Well Drilling Inc. has been involved in commercial water well drilling since 1919 serving farms, manufacturing, plants, mining, and municipal customers. Whether you require 10 gallon per minute or 1000 gallon per minute we can meet your needs. Dillan’s crews and equipment can drill water wells from 6” to 24” diameter to meet your water needs. Our fleet of four modern rigs can drill in rocks and set casing in unconsolidated material. We specialize in drilling larger diameter high yield rock wells with down hole hammer equipment. Dillan’s has the areas largest selection of drilling equipment and tooling to meet your needs. Our drilling crews are specialists in drilling high yield screened gravel wells in the areas glacier deposits and river deposits. A large diameter screened ground well can be completed in a day or two unlike conventional drilling that takes weeks.

Pump Sales and Service

Our pump crews can install and service submersible, centrifugal and turbine pumps. We specialize in the installation of high volume submersible pumps. Our crews can install the state of the art variable frequency controls for pump starting requirements and reduced electrical costs.

Well Rehabilitation

Well rehabilitation can increase the yield of your water well. Our methods used include chemical treatments, mechanical surging, bailing, and brushing. A well bore video inspection is recommended to assist in determining, the best rehabilitation method.


Dewatering Services include both well drilling and the installation of pumps to control excessive water at construction sites. We provide submersible pumps and generators if needed to control.

Marcellus and Utica Shale Services

We have been involved in providing services to the gas and oil industry since 2006. We were involved in one of the first Marcellus shale water supply wells for a gas site in Washington County, Pennsylvania. Our crews routinely drill from water supply wells for water improvements throughout Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. We worked with shale gas operators, hydrogeologists and consultants.

We have also have been involved in drilling exploratory wells to determine deep fresh water zones for proper casing placement. Water sampling can be incorporated with this service.

Replacement wells occasionally have to be drilled to replace any water source impacted during construction of well sites. We can provide a turn key well pump and water treatment insulation.

Well Video Service

Bore hole video inspection can be provided to document new well construction and existing well constructions. A DVD can be provided for customer’s records.


Dillan’s maintains a large selection of grouting equipment. Well grouting is performed by installing a tremie pipe to slightly above the bottom of the borehole and pumping grout from the bottom to the top. Cement or bentonite based grouts are available. Grouting services include casing annular space grouting and well abandonment services.

Aquifer Testing

Well yield testing is available for new and existing wells. Temporary test pumps are available from 1 GPM to 1000 GPM. Generators can be provided for a power source. Step rate and constant rate pumping tests are available.  A detailing testing log will be provided with pumping rate and water levels.

Cathodic Protection

Dillan’s has been drilling boreholes for cathodic protection of pipeline infrastructure for 30 years. We can install the necessary casing, sacrificial anodes in the borehole and backfill as required.

Construction Drilling

Boreholes are often needed for foundation stabilization.  Dillan’s can provide this service.

Mine Abandonment and Stabilization

With the amount of abandoned underground deep mines in Pennsylvania and Ohio we often have to drill boreholes for filling mines and to stabilize construction sites above mines. With our modern rigs drilling can be completed in a timely manner.